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We don't simply sell "Lean tools" training. We offer comprehensice consulting and coaching to support our clients to transform themselves to achieve a true and lasting KAIZEN Culture.

Our Auckland-based office was established in 1988 when KAIZEN Institute founder Masaaki Imai visited New Zealand with Toyota's Taiichi Ohno. Today we are part of a global team of 400+ professionals and more than 30 offices operating in over 40 countries.

New to the lean journey, excited by the possibilities but unsure where to start?

Already on your lean journey, at a performance plateau, facing new obstacles, or not sustaining your improvement gains?

Advanced on your lean journey?

Our decades of lean implementation experience equips us to challenge and support you to transform your organisation and your team to achieve daily KAIZEN - better every day, everywhere, by everyone.



Congratulations to the PACCAR Australia Team Leader Group Leader Class of 2015 members who have successfully completed their 90 day practical implementation. Mike Wroblewski, Peet and Danie delivered the intensive two week practical leadership training on-site at the Melbourne Kenworth truck factory earlier this year. Danie followed up with monthly on-the-job coaching.

The group included leaders from Production, Quality, Materials Handling, Procurement, Finance, IT, HR, Dealerships, as well as a couple of suppliers.

Another successful candidate completes her Kaizen Practitioner certification

Andrea Rowe, a lead clinical supervisor at Supervision Works NZ in the Waikato region, was certified as a Kaizen Practitioner during July 2015. Her personal values and work ethic aligns strongly with the Kaizen philosophy.

She contributed greatly during our public training courses. She is continuously applying the Kaizen approach to her workplace and even her personal life. This is her experience of our training:

"Kaizen gave me a framework for continuous improvement that is logical, comprehensive and complete. At first I was confronted with how inefficient and wasteful everyday practices I had carried out forever were in the workplace and alternatively how effective kaizen principles and practices could transform environments. As the training progressed, I embraced Kaizen, and it embraced me. I see it as a deeply respectful and proven culture that has influenced many successful organizations worldwide. Kaizen resonates with my core values in respecting and supporting people to do the best in whatever their work is, in the best way possible."

My thanks to Peet and Danie who made the learning experience awesome."

As a person who embraced the Kaizen philosophy and methodology, we wish Andrea all the best with her endeavours to make the workplace better.



By Danie Vermeulen

Late July the KAIZEN Institute family gathered at our Germany office in Bad Homburg, near Frankfurt for our annual conference and awards event. This year we are also celebrating our 30th anniversary.

It was great to reconnect with all our friends and colleagues from around the globe and to meet a few new ones. It is also an opportunity to identify our own KAIZEN Institute improvement opportunities and to callibrate our approach and services globally.

We've learned about exciting developments in our KAIZEN Institute methodology and products and I will share more about these later. 

I was especially proud of KAIZEN Institute NZ's two awards. We've received one award for our high level of consultant utilisation and the other for our website and social media presence. 

The Kaizen approach is just as applicable to healthcare as it is to a production line

Our latest Kaizen Practitioners are from Te Korowai Hauora O Hauraki based in the historical town of Thames, the gateway to the unspoilt Coromandel peninsula.

Gwendol Welburn (General Manager) and Lynnie Tipene (Manager of Home-based services) received their certificates during a celebration event in their beautiful hometown.

Some major improvements in the daily running of their teams have been made during the last year. Hard work and discpline has been involved to make this a better workplace. It is great to hear that they are keen to to sustain these improvement and to take it to a higher level.

This is what Gwendol said about going through the Kaizen Practitioner training:

"Myself and two colleagues were very fortunate to recently attend comprehensive Kaizen training, to the stage that we have been able to become practitioners.

We had wondered if this was the right training for us, as we thought Kaizen only worked best in manufacturing type industries – unlike ours in health and service. We soon realised how wrong these assumptions were, and Kaizen was exactly the skills and tools we needed to attain to make real changes in our environment. We all found the training incredibly valuable, and have no doubt that the ‘savings’ we will make by implementing our learnings will cover the course costs in no time.

Peet was a fabulous teacher – incredibly knowledgeable, patient and practical – and the training venue is a working model of Kaizen so we could all see it in practice – not just in a text book!  We are very excited to now move into the next phase, which is having the Kaizen Institute support us back in our own setting.”

The team at KINZ wish them both (as well as the other members within their teams) the best with their continuous improvements at Te Korowai Hauora O Hauraki. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with them and we look forward to the journey ahead.


Lean certification to achieve real culture change

Hayden RossHayden Ross from Advanced Aerospace Limited was issued with our sought-after Kaizen Practitioner certificate on 18 May 2015 after Danie Vermeulen and Peet Wiid visited his gemba. Hayden is the Quality Manager at the aforesaid company in Auckland and tasked with implementing Lean in their business.

He has been steadily working with the various teams during the last three years on improving the company. He has done an exceptional job due to his unwavering commitment and "can-do" attitude, showing Lean leadership during this time. We saw some very good examples of 5S, standardisation and visual mangement, achieved through disciplined hard work.

Hayden is a true student of Kaizen and is continuously upskilling himself; not only by attending our public Kaizen Lean courses, but also through continuously reading about Lean in his spare time. Kaizen Institute New Zealand is continuously developing people like Hayden to create an improvement culture within their workplace.

We wish Hayden a successful Kaizen journey and may his growing Lean expertise be an inspiration to others at Advanced Aerospace Limited. We look forward to our next visit.

Danie, Mike, Peet

Peet and I recently led a very interesting Lean Leadership Development training and coaching program in Melbourne with Mike Wroblewski from Kaizen Institute USA.

We’re delivering this proven format for a number of our KAIZEN Institute global clients. The intensive practical 2-week program is designed for Managers and Team Leaders to make the transition from Traditional Leadership to Lean Leadership.

Some of the traditional leadership paradigms that shifted for the participants included understanding that standards DO NOT limit creativity but that standards enable contiuous improvement (KAIZEN). Participants also shifted their behaviour to no longer hiding problems, to making problems visible and recognising it as opportunities to improve.

The course challenged ten other traditional leadership paradigms and it was great to see the many "lightbulb-moments".

It has been 30 years since KAIZEN Institute founder, Masaaki Imai wrote "Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success (McGraw Hill 1986)”, and the founding of Kaizen Institute. Our 30th anniversary also marks the launch of our new branding.

900 KAIZEN Institute NZ office live visitors

Kaizen Institute New Zealand hosted more than 900 visitors on our Lean Office tour to showcase some of the Kaizen principles in action in or own workplace.

It is a learn-by-seeing experience and can be very beneficial to help teams understand the benefits of a Lean approach to managing an organisation. It also helps to deepen insights about the Continouos Improvement objectives. (See a video on our Office Live Tour)

When we recently hosted staff from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) they surpassed the 900 visitor mark. A senior staff member, Peter Hasson, became a certified Kaizen Practitioner after attending our public training courses and being assessed in his workplace. Peter will be one of the initial group to be recognised in our Practicing KAIZEN Practitioner register.

29  Jan. 2015

One of the many advantages of working within a globally recognised brand like the Kaizen Institute, is that our horizons expand beyond the beautiful borders of New Zealand. The last few months we had the privilege to engage with a NYSE-listed hi-tech company in Penang, Malaysia.

Peet was a keynote speaker at the organisation’s Lean conference in November 2014 where he spoke about Kaizen culture transformation to more than 500 attendees. One of the vice-presidents opened the proceedings by emphasising the alignment between Lean and their organisational strategy. Afterwards Peet also had a fruitful discussions with the internal Lean champions about their organisation and about Kaizen’s approach to Continuous Improvement. Read the full article.

The Waikato District Health Board (WDHB) has been on the Kaizen journey since 2011. After the Kaizen Institute New Zealand completed an in-house training roll-out, the WDHB has been sending new staff members on a regular basis to our public training courses to complete their Kaizen Practitioner certification. This has enabled them to continuously develop their new people to function at the same level as their colleagues whom have already gone through our Kaizen Practitioner certification programme. At the end of 2014 another two dedicated staff members received their Kaizen Practitioner certificates during a gemba visit whereby they were certified.

April McFarland and Tina Wheatley have met our Kaizen Practitioner criteria with some great examples of the Lean foundations prevalent in their respective gembas. Both ladies show a strong commitment to the Kaizen philosophy with their implementation of the Lean tools. 

This gemba visit was a practical assessment to allow their registration as Practicing KAIZEN Practitioners. It was also an opportunity for further coaching while observing their processes and the way they create value for their patients in the wards.

We wish them both well with their efforts to apply “change for the better”.


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