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Kaizen Institute New Zealand was one of the first business units established in 1988 when our founder Mr Masaaki Imai visited New Zealand with Toyota's Taiichi Ohno to support Fisher & Paykel Appliances to set up Just-in-Time manufacturing. 

Our Auckland-based team enables leaders to achieve their performance dreams through continuous improvement of people, processes and systems. We help diagnose problems, create awareness, draw roadmaps, lead implementation, develop experts and coach leaders to sustain business excellence. We introduced the kaizen methodology to the world in 1985. Today we are a global consultancy active in all sectors. Our 400+ professionals work to advance the continuous improvement body of knowledge.

Are you new to the lean journey? Are you excited by the possibilities but unsure where to start? We can help you choose a successful path.

Are you already on your lean journey? Are you at a performance plateau, facing new obstacles, or not sustaining your improvement gains? We can help you reach the next level of Lean performance.

Are you advanced on your lean journey? Are you satisfied, complacent or needing to see the next breakthrough improvement? Our decades of lean implementation experience and wisdom will help to challenge and renew your vision.


Kaizen Institute NZ is ready to launch an improved kaizen culture transformation consulting and coaching approach

At our recent Kaizen Institute annual conference in India we relied on the collective practical experience and wisdom of leaders from more than fifty Kaizen Institute offices from around the globe and applied PDCA to our own consulting and coaching delivery approach.

We’ve adopted this improved approach at Kaizen Institute NZ and we look forward to putting it into practice with selected clients.

Until now we were primarily focused on transferring knowledge to clients (ideally team leaders or supervisor level) and then supporting them to lead and train their own teams in their own work areas through “learning by doing”.  This has always been a longer-term solution and it remains an effective approach to ensure sustainable culture change that is powered from within.

However, sometimes there is a need to start with a stronger “stepped change” improvement project to “get early runs on the board”. Please get in touch with Danie if you would like to find out how our improved approach can work for you.

Join other Kiwi's in Japan to experience Kaizen/lean best practice

Kaizen Benchmark Tour to Japan excelent companies

Join Danie and Peet from 20 - 24 October on this action packed tour to experience several amazing examples of lean in action and improve your understanding of the culture and underlying principles that make this possible. This tour offers an unique opportunity to visit and compare three legendary automotive factories, other mature manufacturing companies as well as impressive examples oaf lean in a service/office environment.

We'll visit a new Diahatsu plant where we'll see Toyota's flow and lay-out principles applied. I also look forward to experiencing Saishunkan Cosmetics' open plan office with more than 500 contact centre workers (or as they refer to themselves as customer pleasers).


Download the brochure or contact Danie if you're interested to join us.

A highlight of my July 2014 Kaizen Institute annual conference in Jaipur was joining Kaizen Institute founder, Mr Masaaki Imai to go to gemba ("the real place" or the place where value is added).

We visited a Kaizen Institute India client, NEI who was awarded the Deming Award in 2010 for Total Quality Management. It was a real treat.

Every time I see Mr Imai in action at the gemba is an opportunity to learn and to be inspired. I always enjoy how Mr Imai makes time to respectfully interact with the operators and team leaders, often at the expense of the assigned tour guide's carefully planned route and pace. Read more


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