Danie Vermeulen: Chief Executive

When Kaizen Institute founder Masaaki Imai referred to me as one of his best students, helping spread the true meaning of Kaizen across fields including banking, healthcare, local government and accounting, it was an accolade indeed.

My personal philosophy is totally aligned with the Kaizen philosophy and methodology. Kaizen emphasises respect for other people and real every day, everywhere continuous improvement by everyone, thereby unleashing the power and creativity of an organisation’s greatest asset: its people. I believe that my practical experience from the business world, as well as personal application, take the implementation of the Kaizen philosophy beyond the academic or theoretical concepts.

I’ve worked in the Service Sector since 1988 building expertise in the services areas that include healthcare, banking, process manufacturing, discreet manufacturing, distribution and logistics. I completed an M.Com (Strategic Management) before joining Ernst & Young Management consulting in South Africa (3 years) and New Zealand (4 years) specialising in Business Process Improvement, Supply Chain Management and Strategy. I then worked for Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products as Supply Chain Development Manager across New Zealand and Australia sites. At the time, CHH was owned by International Paper. I became Co-founder and Operations Manager for a CHH new venture company, Straightedge, selling and delivering e-business and innovative Do-it-Yourself software solutions into North America.

In 2005 I was appointed as the CEO and Managing Director for Kaizen Institute New Zealand. I’m the current president of the NZ Chapter of AME (Association for Manufacturing Excellence) and the chairman of the New Zealand Lean Leadership Network (NZLLN). I’m also a past-president of the CSCMP (Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals) Kiwi Roundtable.

In my role at Kaizen Institute I’ve had the privilege to work with a team of global and local consultants to deliver Lean Transformation to local New Zealand as well as overseas organisations in healthcare, retail, education, provision and utilities, manufacturing, food product manufacturing, distribution (FMCG and fresh product) as well as in the public sector. 

I've had the priveledge to particiapte in and lead several study tours to Japan.

I’m passionate about working with organisations and their leadership teams who want to instil a true Kaizen culture in their operations. We’re helping them fully realise the potential of their staff by engaging them to add value and to drive excellence to their customers.

It’s extraordinarily rewarding to know that our team is applying Kaizen in our own operation and that we’ve made a difference by helping so many businesses succeed in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without Kaizen.

Peet Wiid: Consultant

Peet joined the Kaizen Institute New Zealand in March 2011 as a consultant and became a director in 2013. He is a certified Kaizen Practitioner. 

His industry experience includes manufacturing, production planning, procurement, reporting and analysis. He was also employed in the Services industry like Healthcare and Community Organisations. He has a management background and has been involved in motivational speaking and training for almost three decades.

He has a solid understanding of processes and systems with the ability to engage people at all levels within an organisation to optimise outcomes. His expertise in behavioural sciences underpins his approach to organisational culture transformation.

Peet managed a family-owned, manufacturing enterprise in the plastic industry for 15 years in South Africa. They specialised in nylon and polypropylene extrusion, as well as plastic coating. He acted as a director of the company until he immigrated to New Zealand in 2005 to pursue new opportunities. He has been involved in strategic planning in many organisations in both the Manufacturing and Services sectors. He is part of a global team delivering Lean transformation programmes in Australia and Malaysia (where he is the lead consultant).

His eight years of experience in the Service sector includes four years in New Zealand healthcare organisations.

He completed two Master degrees, respectively in Management and Behavioural Sciences (cum laude). The latter gave Peet a solid foundation in understanding human behaviour and development, which is a cornerstone of a Kaizen culture transformation.

We also have access to several experienced local and international consultants and trainers that we will use as and when required.

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