Feeding back Feedback

Feeding back Feedback

Don't we all just love visiting public toilets! For some it happens more often than for others depending on age, health status, number of kids in the car, or the level of water left in that healthy water bottle. Nonetheless, when you have the urge, the last thing you need is an unhygienic place!

I saw this immediate visual feedback system at the Changi Airport in Singapore (and they are starting to appear in more public places) If the place requires attention, it can be actioned immediately before too many people are exposed to the risk of a rotten restroom.

The benefits of having immediate feedback is that it reduces waste (in this case the word can have more than one meaning...), problems can be addressed sooner, thereby adding better value to your customer quicker.

This is going beyond the standard cleaning schedule already displayed in the restroom. It is good example of continuous improvement - finding a better way to satisfy the customer. It is also a visual way to "pull the andon" or to make the problem visible so that it can be solved.

The questions is how immediate is the feedback in your workplace? Are you almost immediately aware when problems surface, when "waste" has been created? Or is it only dealt with weeks later during the monthly meetings?

Similar immediate feedback systems can greatly assist your workplace in becoming more efficient.

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