KAIZEN™ Training

KAIZEN™ Training

We have just completed our third KAIZEN™ Lean Essentials training in Auckland for this year. Participants in this public training course came from various sectors: healthcare, horticulture, agriculture, manufacturing, the printing sector and government departments. It shows that the KAIZEN™ approach is applicable in any type of organisation of any size.

We dissected the importance of Lean behaviour and culture change and introduced the foundational KAIZEN™ techniques through practical group exercises, underpinned by solid theoretical guidance. The feedback was very positive and reaffirmed the relevance of our public training. Many of the participants will follow this course up with in-house KAIZEN™ training and coaching to enhance and sustain their continuous improvement efforts. A large group aim to complete their KAIZEN™ Practitioner certification with some considering to continue to the next level: KAIZEN™ Leader (read more about this in our newsletter.)

Our next public training courses are on 21 & 22 October 2015 is at our multi-purpose training facility in the Botany Town Centre in Auckland. Lean for Office or Service and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Essentials will be covered respectively during simulation learning experiences. These courses form part of our globally recognised KAIZEN™ Practitioner certification and seats are filling fast. 

Lean for Office or Service will deal with the application of the Lean methodology in the back office of an organisation and in service orientated teams. TPM Essentials will focus on the maintenance of assets like equipment and machinery (and even vehicles and buildings) to ensure costly downtimes are minimised.

Feel free to be in touch with Peet Wiid to discuss any of your training needs.

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