KAIZEN™ College in demand

KAIZEN™ College in demand

We have just concluded our KAIZEN™ College courses for this year, ending with Value Stream Mapping during the third week of November. We had a good run with numerous new participants attending and new organisations represented on our very popular KAIZEN™ Lean Essentials, and Lean for Office or Service. Total Productive Maintenance Essentials also introduced our clients to a world-renowned methodology to maintain their value-creating assets. Our more advanced KAIZEN™ Lean Flow was also fully booked with participants keen to complete their KAIZEN™ Practitioner certification.

There is already a strong demand for our public training for next year and all our KAIZEN™ Practitioner courses are at least 50% booked. We suggest you make your bookings online as soon as possible. Alternatively, please contact us directly.

We are introducing a new course, Leading Lean, for senior leadership teams, business owners and managers. This affordable one-day course will show you how to create a KAIZEN™ culture in your organisation through practical Lean leadership tools. More information will follow on our website.

We thank all who attended our courses during this year and for their positive contributions. Based on the excellent feedback from our participants, they enjoyed these courses just as much as we did facilitating it. The practical value of starting immediately with improvements after our courses is always highlighted during the course reflections.

We look forward to a very busy 2016!

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