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Since the original Kaizen Institute was founded more than 30 years ago by Masaaki Imai, we have diligently served the needs of our clients - currently through 430+ consultants in 55+ countries. Kaizen Institute New Zealand, based in Auckland, has been operating all over our great country since 2006, and also delivering regularly on global projects.

Address the following problems with our support:

Quality issues

  • defects, incomplete and inaccurate data and information, rework
  • lack of standards, customer complaints

Service delivery

  • delays in your processes, bottlenecks, poor scheduling
  • unreliable equipment, large batches of Work in Progress (WIP)
  • inconsistent processes with varying results

Financial instability

  • unstable or rising cost of manufacturing
  • shrinking profitability
  • high cost of inventory holding
  • escalating overheads and admin cost

Disengaged staff and low morale

  • lack of discipline, don’t-care attitude
  • poor workmanship with a need for higher accountability
  • unstable workforce

Safety, health, & environmental concerns

  • increased safety risks
  • more incidents observed, or less incidents reported
  • dangerous and unreliable equipment or materials


Speak to us to see how you can receive up to 50% funding for our consulting, coaching, and training services.


Our integrated KAIZEN™ Change Model

Breakthrough results are achieved using a variety of learning-by-doing methods including kaizen events, value stream design workshops and professionally managed Lean projects. The Kaizen Institute focus is on "helping you to help yourself" through knowledge transfer. We empower your people to implement improvements themselves, while working with leaders to build systems to sustain continuous improvement culture.

The true meaning of kaizen is improving everybody, every day, everywhere. We enable this by helping clients design and build their kaizen systems:

  • Daily KAIZEN™ programs train and motivate people to identify and solve problems to establish the KAIZEN™ culture and a team-focused environment.
  • Leaders KAIZEN™ programs coach management how to lead KAIZEN™ by example. This key enabler has the most significant impact on cultivating a strong culture of continuous improvement.
  • Support KAIZEN™ programs use proper policy deployment and monitor all activities for their progress towards achieving the strategic goals.
  • Project KAIZEN™ programs aim to improve processes, productivity, equipment effectiveness, safety and the quality of products and services.
  • Capability Development and Certification through our academy training at your premises.


Kaizen consultants understand that their success is about getting results that the client can see and creating value that can be measured financially. Typical consulting engagements include a combination of:

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