KAIZEN™ Lean Flow

KAIZEN™ Lean Flow Essentials explains and demonstrates the core FLOW and PULL principles and techniques of the Toyota Production System (TPS) through a combination of classroom training and practical simulations. This course will reiterate that Flow principles and techniques are applicable to BOTH manufacturing and the service sector. Essential for the team that's ready to start with advanced Lean.

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16. - 18. Oct. 2018

New Zealand


Our Training Goals

After attending this seminar, you will:
• Understand the principles of Just-in-time and the concept of a Pull-system for creating continuous Flow along the supply chain.
• Learn how to use various concepts such as KANBAN and One-Piece-Flow to reduce cycle time and inventory.
• Be able to start with the basic Flow tools in order to increase productivity and reliability of service delivery.

What you learn

Principles of Just-in-time
• Advanced tools for detecting waste (e.g. overproduction, inventory)
• From creating work in batches to One-piece-flow
• Adapting to customer cycle and One-Piece-Flow
• Types of line design (e.g. U-layout)
• Workplace design
• Standardised work
• Border of Line concept
• Principles of the PULL system
• Basic principles of KANBAN
• Basic principle of Supermarket

KAIZEN™ Lean Flow

2570 NZD

(local taxes might apply)

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