Leaders' KAIZEN™

Experience how to lead an organisation on its KAIZEN™ journey. This course addresses one of the greatest opportunities to improve an organisation: leadership development.

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19. Jun. 2020

New Zealand


625 NZD

Our Training Goals

Be able to apply the behaviours of a KAIZEN™ leader.
Know how to improve team work and increase staff engagement.
Encounter the difference between traditional management and KAIZEN™ leadership by understanding KAIZEN™ leadership principles and habits.
See the connection between leadership and the foundational KAIZEN™ tools.
Learn how to communicate clearly and transparently.
Inspire people towards excellence.
Being capable of sustaining Kaizen.

What you learn

Learn to see and prioritise improvement opportunities.
Understand what motivational goal-setting entails.
Leading the change.
How to continuously improve improvements.

Leaders' KAIZEN™

625 NZD

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