Value Stream Mapping

Learn what Value Stream Mapping is and how this powerful tool can assist you to identify project-based, and daily, improvements. Grasp how to apply different Value Stream Mapping techniques at various levels within an organisation to manage improvement.

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23. - 24. May. 2019

New Zealand


Our Training Goals

Learn how to use Value Stream Mapping as a team exercise to initiate major improvements in your organisation.
Be able to manage your workplace better based on your strategy.
Understand how value is created for the customer & learn how to map these activities.
Be able to identify inefficiencies and know how to minimise it.
Learn how to design and manage a future state value stream.
Be capable of starting to apply this project-focused technique in your own workplace.
Fulfil part of the requirements towards the globally recognised KAIZEN™ Practitioner certification.

What you learn

A two-day practical workshop in identifying major improvement opportunities through mapping exercises.
A theoretical foundation of the role of Value Stream Mapping in organisational excellence.

Value Stream Mapping

949 NZD

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