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The KAIZEN™ Healthcare training program teaches continuous improvement practices in the Healthcare sector. Its main goal is to prepare attendees to implement Improvement Projects through the design and enforcement of improvement solutions in the different areas of healthcare units.


KAIZEN™ for Office je metodologija koja se koristi za kancelarijski prostor. Kao i za proizvodne pogone, KAIZEN™ se koristi i u kancelarijama, gde je takođe bitno stvoriti disciplinu o uređenosti radnog prostora. Pored metoda i alata o uređivanju kancelarijskih prostorija, koriste se alati za disciplinu koja raste kod zaposlenih.


Participants will learn and practice further KAIZEN™ / Lean tools and methods to systematically reduce losses and waste (for example line stops and set-up times) and prevent errors. The participants learn how to work on zero-line principles and support the zero-defect philosophy in their own company.


The goal of the seminar is to familiarize the participants with the basics of KAIZEN™ / Lean. With theoretical input, practical examples and exercises, partially in a real company, they learn about sustainable implementation of the daily KAIZEN™ process at Shopfloor, while actively involving employees in the process of change.

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