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10 Jul. 2017

Kaizen Assessment

Take advantage of this limited opportunity to get your finger on the pulse of your organisation through a free KAIZEN™ assessment and identify your performance gaps. As Mr. Masaaki Imai said: “Having no problem is the biggest problem.”

Checking is such an integral part of KAIZEN™. It is the third element of The Scientific Method that is often forgotten when making improvements. There is no point in making “improvements” if it isn’t verified as being “better” - it easily becomes fake Lean. The Deming cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) demands of an organisation to continuously check if it is improving or if entropy (gradual decline into disorder) is setting in.

To fix problems a team must be able to see and acknowledge it first. People often work around problems as these are so intrinsically part of their workspace. As problems are usually seen in a negative light, they are seldom identified as opportunities to work easier, better, faster, and more cost-effective.

A KAIZEN™ assessment is an objective way to determine how your processes and people are performing. It also identifies how strong continuous improvement is embedded in the organisational culture. It is a powerful tool to plan your way forward and align your improvement efforts with your strategic objectives.

As with all things KAIZEN™ the purpose of checking is never to identify people as culprits. It is about fixing the system and processes as Deming alluded to when he stated that 94% of problems in an organisation is related to the system and not the people working within that system.

We offer a limited free-of-charge KAIZEN™ full assessment by our seasoned consultants to help your team to identify the issues preventing you from excelling. Afterwards we will provide a short on-site feedback to the leadership team without any obligations or pressure (we respect your journey).

Please take the initiative to contact Danie Vermeulen to discuss a KAIZEN™ assessment: or 0274 366 664.



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