Kaizen Academy: Building Your In-House Lean Certification Program

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The Kaizen Academy is your in-house practical training program to develop and certify continuous improvement leaders. Our Kaizen Academy model is based on our standard Kaizen College curriculum which is customised to fit the unique situation of your business. We begin with a training needs analysis:

  • What are the desired business outcomes (short and long-term)?
  • Which operating system or business model support these outcomes?
  • What roles are necessary to build and support this model?
  • What skills and knowledge is required to fulfill these roles?
  • What learning environments are best suited to develop these skills?

Based on this training needs analysis, experienced consultants and curriculum development experts work with client teams to tailor the program. We adapt the training materials and simulations to better suit client needs. We draw from more than 500 hours of class room training modules, case studies, practical exercises, simulations and videos.



Kaizen Coach
Our Kaizen Institute instructors will:
  • Train, coach and develop your team leader / supervisor participants to lead their teams to implement Kaizen in their own work areas and processes
  • Jointly oversee the improvement projects of your trainees
  • Mentor the trainees through successful hands-on projects
  • Certify trainees to be self-sufficient improvement leaders
  • Help identify and deliver Gemba projects (lighthouses)
  • Help to improve team spirit
  • Jointly customise an appropriate schedule and pace

Successful continuous improvement leaders will not only demonstrate the ability to lead projects and deliver business results in safety, quality, delivery cost, cash and employee engagement, they will also become the “viral agents” within your organisation to spread continuous improvement as trainers, coaches and cross-functional kaizen event leaders.



Value Stream Mapping delivered within your own organisation

Course Outline:

This course features a “teach & do” format. Participants will receive training in how to determine a Value Stream, what metrics will apply and how to collect the information required. Then the group will go to the host site and begin gathering data.

From this data a Current State Value Stream Map will be created. Once completed, workers and supervisors at the host site will be interviewed regarding accuracy of the map and what improvements might be made to the Value Stream. These suggestions, called ‘kaizen bursts’ will be noted on the Current State Value Stream Map.

Then, based on application of Lean tools, the Current State Value Stream Map is converted into a Future State Map step by step. The appropriate Lean manufacturing tools such as SMED, kanban, TPM, 3P, Just in Time (Takt-Flow-Pull), Standard Work, Jidoka, etc. will be taught so participants understand how they contribute to the conversion of the Value Stream to the Future State.  You will use the case study to create an improvement plan for the Future State:

  • Reviewing the Current State Map
  • The importance of going back to the gemba before drawing the Future State
  • Linking the 7 types of waste to Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost
  • Future State Value Stream Mapping overview
  • The 10 questions for Future State Mapping
  • Case Study: Converting from Current State to Future State
  • Draw a Future State Value Stream Map
  • Circulating the Future State Map for change management and input
  • Create an improvement plan to achieve the future state

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will demonstrate their ability to:

Draw Current and Future State Value Stream Maps
Explain the 10 questions for Future State Mapping
Describe how the various Lean tools enable flow in a Value Stream
Link the 7 types of waste to cost savings
Create a plan for action based on the value stream maps


This course will allow the student to:

  • Visualize the problems facing the process at it exists today
  • Determine the areas that need help
  • Outline a plan for future improvements

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed to give first hand experience in data collection, problem identification and planning. The target audience includes:

  • Front line workers, administrator,, engineers, managers, supervisors, Lean specialist, Six Sigma specialist, change agents
  • Any organization in any industry interested in solving problems


Overview Session 1 Day

Workshop Sessions 2-5 Days

5S Lean Office delivered in your own organisation

Course Outline:

This course follows the same basic agenda as our 5S and Workplace Organization training only with the focus on office environments and transactional processes.

Applying 5S generates positive impact on the quality of products and services in any organization. The participant will learn how to use all the required tools to implement 5S (5S theory, Red Tags, 5S Evaluation Form, etc) in a very practical way through small group activities.

In these activities, the participants will apply 5S to improve an area of the company. 5S is a very practical tool which precedes any improvement initiative but that must be continually applied independently, whether or not any other improvement tool exists.

The training will be a combination of theory and practical activities of 5S. The course will cover:

  • 5S Lean Office Introduction
  • 5S & How it Contributes to a culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Why 5S?
  • How does 5S eliminate the 7 Wastes in the office?
  • 5S  as a foundation for Lean
  • 5S Step-by-Step
  • 5S Evaluation Walk
  • Visual Management
  • Maintaining 5S Worksheets

Learning Objectives:

Participants will, upon completion of this course, successfully demonstrate their ability to:

  • Understand the meaning and importance of applying 5S in the office.
  • Understand the importance of your own responsibility in the 5S process.
  • Understand how 5S can improve your own workplace and the company’s results as a whole.
  • Identify the 5S challenges in a given area.
  • Lead and participate in any 5S activity in any area of the company.
  • Understand the Current State of 5S of your company.



This course provides a comprehensive look at 5S - when and where it’s required, how to implement and sustain results. You will be able to:

  • Confidently apply 5S concepts to any office or administrative environment
  • Teach these concepts to your peers
  • Develop a favorable environment to conduct continuous improvement activities
  • Quickly identify the wastes


Who Should Attend:

This course is designed to provide practical knowledge and tools to improve office operations and to aid in initializing your Lean manufacturing efforts.  The target audience includes:

  • Managers, office staff, change agents
  • Senior Leadership
  • Sales, Marketing, Finance, Purchasing and all other office environments 



Overview Session 1 Day

Workshops Sessions 2-5 Days

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