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The Kaizen Institute is dedicated to enabling continuous improvement by developing Lean leaders and Kaizen practitioners. Our Lean training courses have been refined through delivery to tens of thousands of people worldwide based on our organisational expertise gained during more than 32 years.

Kaizen Institute New Zealand training is focused on a blend of short practical courses delivered mainly in-house for organisations. These are valuable building blocks to enable organisational excellence by equipping senior leaders, middle management, keys staff members, and business improvement specialists.

Our hands-on learning applies the KAIZEN™ approach to real situations in your organisation resulting in deeper learning and immediate improvements. Personal interaction with our highly skilled and qualified coaches results in relevant learning, supporting the transformation of people's habits in the workplace. We cater for small groups but also accommodate larger groups. Pleasecontact us to discuss your situation and requirements.

Our highly sought-after Kaizen Practitioner certification covers the following courses (which can be facilitated individually):

  • Kaizen Lean Essentials (2-days)

The foundational principles and tools to improve holistically. Start with this course to experience the quality of Kaizen training.

  • Value Stream Mapping (2-days)

Learn how to create breakthrough results through this project-based method.

  • Total Productive Maintenance Essentials (1 day - also available as an in-depth, 2-day course)

Gain the practical skills on maintaining your value-creating assets to improve OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency).

  • Kaizen Lean Flow Essentials (3 days)

Experience the application of the Pull-Flow principle and various advanced Kaizen techniques to make materials, information, and people flow continuously. This a pivotal objective of the application of Kaizen.

  • Lean for Office or Service (1 day)

A one-day course to apply the Kaizen principles and tools in the back-office or service organisations. Gain immediate benefits by the end of this highly practical course.

This is what Justine Crittenden had to say after completing her Kaizen Practitioner certification by attending our training courses:

"Thank you so much for the amazing learning experience. Kaizen just makes so much sense and I've found it so easy to incorporate it into my work and my life. I will definitely continue using the principles and tools I have learned throughout my work."

Feel free to contact us at +64 (0)9 274 0829 to discuss how we can meet your needs or email us.


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The Kaizen College, a two-level certification programme, teaches practical approaches using a combination of formal classroom training, experiential simulations and games, and 'hands-on' practice at the gemba. Our trainers are experienced consultants who enrich the learning experience with many examples and case studies. Enrolling in the Kaizen College programme allows learners to meet and network with others in similar roles, to share experiences and examples with peers.

Participants progress from Kaizen Practitioner to Kaizen Leader, the training successfully combining the best current theoretical and practical methods.

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Kaizen Academy: Building Your In-House Lean Certification Program

We help you to develop your own tailor made program to teach your employees lean and Kaizen!

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