26. Nov. 2014

Value Stream Mapping Challenge

by Peet Wiid

A team of enthusiastic VSM participants challenges future attendees to surpass their record time in our simulation game.

Our latest Value Stream Mapping public training course ended with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. A team decided that because of their great improvements during our simulation game, they wanted to challenge all future participants on this course to improve their Lead Time. So, they proudly created a trophy (or is it a CUP?) that is now being displayed in our office. Their signatures even authenticates this valuable addition to our ensemble of Kaizen Institute trophees.

Our next Value Stream Mapping course will be on 27 - 28 May 2015 at our training facility in Auckland. Come and join the next group and see why these participants became so enthusiastic about Kaizen. nz.kaizen.com/events/details/VSM-115-NZL.html

The following typical comments summarises their positive experience:

"I really enjoyed the training last week. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and passion."

"Being engaged in group work was fantastic. Working with a cross section of people, different backgrounds, experience and knowledge was so valuable."


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