KAIZEN™ Lean Essentials

The seminar introduces the philosophy and foundations of KAIZEN™ Lean and how it facilitates and sustains Continuous Improvement efforts to achieve organisational excellence. Learn about identifying inefficiencies, workplace organisation and visual management. Acquire skills to standardise and to solve problems. Practical work in a relaxed atmosphere consolidates the principles of Continuous Improvement. Learn how Lean can be applied in any organisation and how to get started.

07. - 08. May. 2020

New Zealand


1080 NZD

Our Training Goals

Gain a good understanding of key KAIZEN™ Lean concepts to change organisational culture.
Obtain skills to start immediately with Continuous Improvement.
Fulfill part of the requirements towards obtaining the globally sought-after KAIZEN™ Practitioner certification.

What you learn

KAIZEN™ Lean introduction
The foundational principles and philosophy of KAIZEN™ Lean
Waste identification and elimination
5S (workplace organisation)
Visual Management and Hoshin Kanri
Structured Problem Solving

KAIZEN™ Lean Essentials

1080 NZD

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