Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Essentials (1-day)

This course is an introduction to the essential elements of TPM. Become aware of the proper KAIZEN™ methods for preventing production disruptions, combating defects, and optimising the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Learn about the 8 pillars of the TPM system and how to identify the main losses in production and maintenance as well as in asset management in general. Participants will be trained in the application of the TPM methods such as autonomous and planned maintenance in order to increase the utilisation of machines and equipment. Learn about the importance of empowering all employees through active engagement to achieve these improvements. The essential TPM-elements covered in this one-day course will simplify the KAIZEN™ approach of Continuous Improvement in an asset management environment.

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18. - 18. Jul. 2018

New Zealand


Our Training Goals

After attending this seminar you will
• Understand how TPM is used as a management system for improving efficiency in production and maintenance.
• Be aware of how the TPM methods (especially autonomous and planned maintenance)are applied to achieve higher machine reliability and availability.
• Be able to introduce TPM to your organisation.

What you learn

Introduction of the TPM system:
• Process of Kobetsu Kaizen.
• Systematic reduction of different types of losses and waste.
• Recording of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for production.
• Recording of KPIs for maintenance (e.g. MTBF/MTTR).
• Target-oriented employee qualification.
• Levels of Autonomous Maintenance.
• Levels of Planned Maintenance.
• Introduction of an audit system for sustainability.
• Measures for the optimisation of maintenance efficiency.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Essentials (1-day)

560 NZD

(local taxes might apply)

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