Enhanced Kaizen Institute Training

Feedback from our customers indicate that they find it highly beneficial when we conduct KAIZEN™ training In-house instead of attending a public training course. This is what one of our recent participants had to say: "We all really enjoyed the training and have implemented changes already and are working on the other improvements [as planned during the training]."

Learning about the KAIZEN™ approach is an indispensable part of excelling as an organisation or as an individual. It is about understanding the underlying KAIZEN™ principles, values, beliefs, and behaviours and then learn-by-applying various techniques and tools to solve your unique problems in your specific situation to achieve sustainable results.

The benefits of In-house KAIZEN™ training are:

  • Practical, hands-on learning instead of just theory.
  • Some of the real problems at the coalface of the organisation can be exposed.
  • Addressing these problems and issues in a structured manner.
  • Learn how to apply the KAIZEN™ approach to improve the real situation in your real workplace.
  • Improve team engagement as a number of people are already involved. It is so much easier to build momentum when more people are involved and aligned to the same objectives.
  • Improvements can be made during the training – it is not postponed until "you find the time."
  • Our experienced trainers/ coaches can customise the training on-the-go to address relevant issues as it surfaces during the sessions.

We are ready to discuss your KAIZEN™ training needs when you are. Contact Peet Wiid at pwiid@kaizen.com or 021 897 832.

Read more about the on-site courses we offer:

KAIZEN™ Lean Essentials (2-days)

The foundational principles and tools to improve holistically. Start with this course to experience the quality of KAIZEN™ training. The seminar introduces the philosophy and foundations of KAIZEN™ Lean and how it facilitates and sustains Continuous Improvement efforts to achieve organisational excellence. Learn about identifying inefficiencies, workplace organisation (5S) and visual management. Acquire skills in standardisation and in structured problem solving. Practical work in a relaxed atmosphere consolidates the principles of Continuous Improvement. Learn how Lean can be applied in any organisation and how to get started.

Value Stream Mapping (2-days)

Learn what Value Stream Mapping is and how this powerful tool can assist cross-functional teams to identify project-based, and daily improvements. Expect large-scale breakthrough results. Grasp how to apply different Value Stream Mapping techniques at various levels within an organisation to manage improvements. Learn how to design and manage a future state value stream.

Total Productive Maintenance Essentials (1 day - also available as an in-depth, 2-day course)

Gain the practical and essential skills of maintaining your value-creating assets to improve OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). Become aware of the proper KAIZEN™ methods for preventing production disruptions, combating defects, and optimising the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Learn about the 8 pillars of the TPM system and how to identify the main losses in production and maintenance as well as in asset management in general. In order to increase the utilisation of machines and equipment, TPM methods such as autonomous and planned maintenance, will be covered.

KAIZEN™ Lean Flow Essentials (3 days)

Experience the core FLOW and PULL principles and techniques of the Toyota Production System (TPS) to make materials, information, and people flow continuously. This a pivotal objective of the application of KAIZEN™ as demonstrated through a combination of classroom training and practical simulations. This advanced course (also known as Just-In-Time) will reiterate that Flow principles and techniques are applicable to BOTH manufacturing and the service sector.

Lean for Office or Service (1 day)

This practical one-day course focuses on a 6-level model to achieve excellence in the office and in the service organisations through the application of the KAIZEN™ principles and techniques. Learn about identifying various “Losses” in the service industry and in administration and how Standards can assist in becoming more efficient. The completion of the above courses leads to our globally-recognised KAIZEN™ Practitioner certification. However, shorter courses on specific topics like 5S or Structured Problem Solving can also be arranged.

For more information contact Peet Wiid at pwiid@kaizen.com or 021 897 832.

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