Kaizen Institute’s ABM 2016 in Porto

Peet Wiid attended Kaizen Institute Consulting Group’s Annual Business Meeting (ABM) in the historical Porto, Portugal, during November 2016. During this event, our consultants once again aligned strategy, shared our successes, and problem-solved where we have identified challenges; we applied KAIZEN™ at KAIZEN™. Thanks to this improvement culture, our highly-respected brand has grown strongly over the past 30 years. Our authentic approach, based on the ground-breaking work of our founder, Masaaki Imai, is still continuously improving to enable us to create more value for our customers.

Our ABM is an inspiring gathering where we also share and reflect on the latest developments in the KAIZEN™ approach. It is an enriching experience to listen to (and see) the KAIZEN™ journeys of some of our long-serving consultants, like Euclides Coimbra (in the photo with Peet Wiid) and Alberto Bastos from Portugal. This exposure to Continuous Improvement thought-leaders, challenges one’s own thinking and practices. Numerous ideas on how to create a sustainable KAIZEN™ culture of excellence has been shared. It leaves one with a richer experience of the beliefs, principles, values, and behaviours of the Toyota Production System. The respect for people amongst our colleagues, as well as humbleness, once again confirmed our shared KAIZEN™ values. It has been uplifting and inspirational.


Kaizen Institute Consulting Group is growing and influencing organisations globally more than ever before. It is an honour to be part of a team continuously improving so many regions of the world; Everybody, Every day, Everywhere.

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