Kaizen Institute and Callaghan Innovation

Kaizen Institute New Zealand ran a very successful KAIZEN™ Lean Essentials course at the Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) in Auckland from 26 – 27 October 2017. The 19 participants enthusiastically engaged through applying the KAIZEN™ foundational methods, tools, and techniques.

Healthy discussions regarding the importance of creating a KAIZEN™ culture also surfaced.

Other themes that stemmed from thought-provoking reflection included (i) the crucial role of KAIZEN™ leadership from senior leaders and business owners to implement this holistic improvement approach, (ii) how to apply KAIZEN™ as an individual or as a team when this systems approach is not being led by senior management.

Feedback from participants highlights the value of our training to initiate Continuous Improvement:

“The practical exercises are very beneficial. Gets you thinking about application in your own workplace and sphere of influence.”

“Showed immediately how simple or quick improvements can make a big difference.”

“Great! Very engaged and content was exciting!”

Contact us to learn more about how our sought-after training, coaching, and mentoring can ignite the creation of a culture of process excellence and people development in your workplace. 

Most of our training is facilitated on-site as it can benefit teams immediately, however, we also facilitate public training courses. No group is too small or too large to be trained in the authentic and holistic KAIZEN™ approach. 

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