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We don't simply sell "Lean tools" training. We offer comprehensive consulting and coaching to support our clients to transform themselves to achieve a true and lasting KAIZEN Culture.

Our Auckland-based office was established in 1988 when KAIZEN Institute founder, Masaaki Imai, visited New Zealand with Toyota's Taiichi Ohno. Today we are part of a global team of 400+ professionals and more than 30 offices operating in over 40 countries.

New to the lean journey, excited by the possibilities but unsure where to start?

Already on your lean journey, at a performance plateau, facing new obstacles, or not sustaining your improvement gains?

Advanced on your lean journey?

Our decades of lean implementation experience equips us to challenge and support you to transform your organisation and your team to achieve daily KAIZEN - better every day, everywhere, by everyone.


20 Sep. 2016

Kaizen Institute New Zealand (KINZ) ran their latest Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) public training course at the manufacturing premises of Spiraweld Stainless Limited in Auckland. KINZ has been supporting this forward-thinking Small Medium Enterprise with their Lean journey and at the beginning of this year, the call was made to apply TPM in their plant to improve the performance of their value-creating assets. They decided to open their facilities to allow external participants to experience the application of TPM.

Many of the attendees are on their Kaizen Practitioner certification pathway and found value in experiencing this proven methodology to improve reliability and stability in processes. It was interesting to observe how people from the service sector started to realise that the principles of TPM are also applicable to their own organisations.

A TPM workshop identifies the problems and losses related to the assets employed in creating value (products or services). Furthermore, it shows up the potential losses you might experience in the future. Improvement projects are identified at the end of the workshop that will ultimately lead to new standards to be followed. The TPM methodology also creates a framework of discipline to sustain the improvements initiated during and after the workshop. In other words, this KAIZEN™ project turns into daily KAIZEN™ habits.

We wish all participants well with applying their newly acquired KAIZEN™ skills in their pursuit of creating better customer value.

Should you require an analysis of your plant, equipment, and other assets, why don't you contact us?


Nova Caie started her Kaizen Practitioner certification pathway while still working in healthcare a few years ago.

She has since joined Well Networks in Hamilton and wanted to complete this globally-recognised certification. She submitted evidence of the work she has done within her organisation as part of the criteria of being listed as a Practicing Kaizen Practitioner.

Nova summarises her Kaizen journey as follows:

“I've found my Kaizen training to be really useful as both a Business Analyst and Project Manager. It lends itself to projects big and small, and the techniques are flexible enough to be able to pick and choose the approach and activities that best apply to each situation. I like the way it encourages inclusion of all affected parties, has quantitative tools for actual measurements and also qualitative ones for capturing those less measurable, but, equally important aspects, like people's perceptions and creative thinking.  Kaizen has been a revolutionary learning experience for me and I'm very pleased to have achieved practitioner status at long last!”
We want to congratulate Nova on her achievement and wish her well in applying the Kaizen approach in her daily work, in projects, and in the way she leads and supports people.

During May 2016 we ran a very successful Value Stream Mapping course in Auckland. City Councils and various government departments, healthcare, and stainless steel manufacturing were represented, as well as educational software developers, and various private service providers. The attendance register is enough proof that Lean is surely not only applicable to manufacturing (where it mainly originated).

A strong desire to become more efficient was evident among the participants and this project-focused Lean approach was regarded by all as crucial to meet the improvement objectives of their respective organisations.

We want to congratulate every participant who attended this two-day course. They have partly fulfilled the criteria to become Kaizen Practitioners.

Don’t miss our next VSM training to be advertised in the “Training” section on our website. Contact us for further information on Value Stream Mapping or on our other KAIZEN™ services.

Kaizen Institute New Zealand hosted a successful Value Stream Mapping workshop at NZWindows Tauranga Limited during May 2016. The organisation has been on their Lean journey for a while and is making good progress. Positive staff engagement could be “sensed” when we entered their premises, based on a humbleness and willingness to learn and improve.

They wanted to increase their Continuous Improvement expertise and brought in the team from Kaizen Institute to assist them to achieve breakthrough results. It was also an ideal opportunity to invite public participants to learn about this high-impact, project-focused, Lean technique. Participants represented public health, manufacturing, consulting, and the food industry - indicative that Lean is not only applicable to manufacturing (where it originated).

The current state of affairs was mapped and displayed with valuable input from the involved staff members. Identifying the percentage of non-value-added activities was an eye-opener for everyone and the realisation that dramatic improvements can be achieved and sustained through the Kaizen approach. Value Stream Mapping is more than tinkering with current practices to improve a few “pockets” within an organisation. It brings a holistic focus on producing better products and/or services through engaged people.

Andrew Smith, Lean Facilitator at NZWindows, had this to say about the workshop: 

“For me, the Value Stream Mapping workshop came at the perfect time on our Lean Journey. It allowed us to truly see the waste in our operations and allowed us to develop the tools to tackle these as a team, with the aim of adding more value to the customer. The Kaizen Institute NZ team empowered the participants to see and develop a Value Stream Map, in a clear and logical way. Even though we had people from different industries, the learnings from the course were understandable and easy to take back to their own workplace. I look forward to seeing the results we can achieve through our newfound knowledge.”

It was a great privilege to run this practical training course/workshop at a gemba of a respected client. If your organisation can benefit from a similar arrangement, contact us for a no-obligation discussion.


Office Live Tours hits another century!

"Don't tell me, show me" (how you are doing) is a popular saying in the Lean world implying that to improve organisational performance and to development people, we all need to see (i) our performance against targets, (ii) the ensuing gaps, and (iii) the solutions to bridge these gaps.

In our own training facility/office in Auckland we practise what we preach: we apply kaizen in Kaizen. Our Office Live Tour is about showing you how we "see" our own business to gain a better understanding of our processes, performance, people, and improvement activities.

This tour is also a Kaizen Institute standard across our global offices and is an effective and efficient way for our clients to gain a better understanding of the Kaizen approach. It also showcases how the Lean methodology is relevant to the service sector and the office environment, regardless of its manufacturing roots.

Over the years we have hosted numerous organisations ranging from healthcare, banking, steel processing plants, manufacturing, bakeries and other food processors, wineries, the dairy sector, agriculture, councils, government departments, and the list continues.

We were privileged to celebrate 1,000 visitors to our workplace recently and we want to encourage the following people to continue with their journey to "change for the better" (the root meaning of "kaizen"): Leonie, Rachel, Laura, Sarah, David, Sandra, Craig, Vignesh, Carol, Marlon, and Ariff.

We wish you a path of personal enrichment by living the Kaizen approach in your workplace and also in your personal lives.


We are proud to announce a Value Stream Mapping public training course in Tauranga from 17-18 May 2016. This will be a special event as it is hosted by New Zealand Windows, a local business with a strong Lean focus.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a powerful Lean tool to identify the problems or inefficiencies in the process of creating products and services from the perspective of the customer. This practical workshop will also showcase how to engage your people in continuous improvement efforts and how to sustain these gains.

This highly-rated course is invaluable for senior leaders, business owners, managers, team leaders, supervisors, and business improvement specialists.

For more information please contact Peet Wiid or register directly on our website.


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