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We don't simply sell "Lean tools" training. We offer comprehensive consulting and coaching to support our clients to transform themselves to achieve a true and lasting KAIZEN Culture.

Our Auckland-based office was established in 1988 when KAIZEN Institute founder, Masaaki Imai, visited New Zealand with Toyota's Taiichi Ohno. Today we are part of a global team of 400+ professionals and more than 30 offices operating in over 40 countries.

New to the lean journey, excited by the possibilities but unsure where to start?

Already on your lean journey, at a performance plateau, facing new obstacles, or not sustaining your improvement gains?

Advanced on your lean journey?

Our decades of lean implementation experience equips us to challenge and support you to transform your organisation and your team to achieve daily KAIZEN - better every day, everywhere, by everyone.


This team from ASSA ABLOY in Auckland recently completed a practical on-site Value Stream Mapping training course.

It was more than just a theoretical classroom training session. We delivered the training in their own Gemba. The multi-functional team mapped one of their own value streams and we’ve identified real improvement opportunities for the team to implement following the training.

Several of the team members were already experienced in Value Stream Mapping. However, a hands-on training session in the gemba often helps to refresh and callibrate the VSM approach for a team.

PEX NZ 2017

Kaizen Institute New Zealand has been a media sponsor for the high-impact Process Excellence New Zealand 2017 conference that was held in Auckland from 21-22 March 2017. Peet Wiid from Kaizen Institute New Zealand acted as chairperson for the event which hosted exceptional thought-leaders and proponents of business excellence in New Zealand.

The theme of this year’s conference focused on the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and RPA (robotic process automation) on organisational excellence. We also explored the creation of a culture of Continuous Improvement (CI). Presenters from some of the most influential organisations in New Zealand shared their experience and insights which resulted in thought-provoking discussions.  

One of the panel discussions delved into the tricky topic of the impact of AI and RPA on people. Automation and digitising can be valuable from a customer and employee point of view if it is underpinned by the respect-for-people principle. The other panel discussion dealt with the role of senior leadership in creating a kaizen culture. It shone through that a kaizen culture must be intentional and leaders play a crucial role in determining its quality. To authentically live the values and principles of business excellence, visible to all, is foundational in CI-leadership.

The conference was not just another futile talkfest. Participants ended the two-day conference with time to reflect deeply upon their learning and its application in their own workplaces.

It was an uplifting experience sharing the conference room with so many humble, highly skilled, and inspiring people.

Peet Wiid attended the Kaizen Institute Consulting Group’s annual business meetings (ABM) in the historical Porto, Portugal, during November 2016. During this event our consultants once again aligned strategy, shared our successes, and problem-solved where we have identified challenges; we applied kaizen in Kaizen. Thanks to this improvement culture, our highly-respected brand has grown strongly over the past 30 years. Our authentic approach, based on the ground-breaking work of our founder, Masaaki Imai, is still continuously improving to enable us to create more value for our customers.  

Our ABM is an inspiring gathering where we also share and reflect on the latest developments in the Kaizen approach. It is an enriching experience to listen to the Kaizen journeys of some of our long-serving consultants, like Euclides Coimbra (in the photo with Peet) and Alberto 

The historical allure of Porto

Bastos from Portugal. This exposure to Continuous Improvement thought leaders, challenges one’s own thinking and practices. Numerous ideas on how to create a sustainable Kaizen culture of excellence has been shared. It leaves one with a richer experience of the beliefs, principles, values, and behaviours of the Toyota Production System. The respect for people amongst our colleagues, as well as humbleness, once again confirmed our shared Kaizen values. It has been uplifting and inspirational.

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group is growing and influencing organisations globally more than ever before. It is an honour to be part of a team continuously improving so many regions of the world; everybody, every day, everywhere.

Kaizen Institute New Zealand is proud to support the world's leading Process Excellence event, coming to New Zealand! 

The 2nd Annual Process Excellence NZ, held 20 - 22 March 2017 in Auckland, will focus on front-running industry themes:

*    Driving Cultural Change through a Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approach
*    Implementing Innovation &Technology into Process Excellence Capabilities
*    Achieving Centricity Across all Channels (Process, Customer, Technology)

 Learn about the latest developments in Agile, Lean Six Sigma, CI and more, from a stellar speaker faculty of 23+ process improvement experts including:

Kellie King, Head of Lean Transformation, Bupa Australia
Austin Laurenson, GM Business Improvement, Tegel Foods
Joanna Gilbert, GM Transformation and Integration, Fonterra
Elspet Garvey, Manager, Business Process Management, University of Auckland
AnnaLarras, Principal Advisor - Continuous Improvement, Inland Revenue
Hannah Rodgers, Business Improvement Manager, Spark NZ
Danella Dunning, IS Business Improvement Manager, New Zealand Transport Agency
Robert Old, Business Improvement Manager, IAG

Please join us by registering here for PEX NZ 2017.

The Kaizen Institute New Zealand public training schedule for the first part of 2017 is available on our website with detailed information about these Kaizen Practitioner courses. Our courses focus on “learning-by-doing” by providing you with practical “Lean” tools to implement sustainable improvements immediately in your workplace. However, attention is also given to the often-forgotten “respect for people” pillar of Kaizen. This approach fits naturally with our experienced facilitators.

Kaizen Institute New Zealand held a very interesting Kaizen Lean Essentials course from 14 to 15 September in Auckland with people from several government departments attending.

The discussion about creating a Kaizen culture within an organisation created insightful discussion. We also explored the linkage between culture and the Kaizen tools and techniques. Various simulations (group work) assisted the participants to gain a deeper understanding of how to be Kaizen by using the Continuous Improvement methodology. Even though the Kaizen approach has evolved mainly in a manufacturing environment, we facilitate the learning of the principles, beliefs, and values underpinning Kaizen so that it can be applied in any industry and sector. Hence our varied customer base: manufacturing, food processing, government departments, healthcare, education, horticulture, to name a few.

This is one of the feedback comments from a people manager:

“I enjoyed the group discussions. Highly recommend this course. Thanks, Peet, for an awesome few days.”

Please contact us if you require more information about how to improve your workplace. We are enthusiastic about making work (and life in general) easier, faster, better, and financially sustainable through motivated people.

Lean in New Zealand horticulture

Ardmore Nurseries Ltd started its Kaizen transformation journey late 2015. This family-owned business was founded around 1933 in Manurewa as Beaumonts’ Nurseries by Arthur and his son Harry Beaumont. They originally grew mostly farm hedging plants. As the market changed they were growing mainly ornamental trees and shrubs for residential properties by the 1960’s. In 1972 Harry sold the Ardmore site of Beaumonts’ Nurseries Ltd to his eldest sons, Barry and Allen Beaumont, who re-named the site Ardmore Nurseries Ltd. At the same time, Harry sold Beaumonts’ Nurseries in Manurewa to his sons Roger and John Beaumont, who renamed it Beaumonts’ Garden Centre Ltd. In 1997 John and Susy Beaumont purchased Ardmore Nurseries Ltd from Barry and Allen. Although they improved profitability with better stock turnover and management, and better staff training, they still saw untapped potential in the business.

Richard and his sister, Kara, gradually took over the reins from John and Susy just over three years ago. Under the enthusiastic eyes of Richard, they have made numerous improvements during the past 12 months. Shorter lead times, and making their information and work activities more transparent, have been the focus areas. A great effort has gone into 5S (workplace organisation) to help them drive out inefficiencies and to lay the foundations to improve their processes.

This is what Richard had to say about their Kaizen transformation up to this point:

“The main purpose of implementing Kaizen at Ardmore Nurseries was to add greater value for our customers and to have better staff engagement. We needed Kaizen to help us lead these changes and give us the tools to efficiently implement change.”

Read the full story...


Kaizen Institute New Zealand has been involved at all levels of healthcare for many years to support the betterment of people and processes. During September 2016 we certified another group of Kaizen Practitioners at Waikato District Health Board in Hamilton. To obtain this globally-recognised qualification they attended five training courses: Kaizen Lean Essentials, Lean for Office or Service, Value Stream Mapping, TPM Essentials, and Kaizen Lean Flow Essentials. On top of this, they had to provide evidence of their application of Kaizen in their workplace. Some excellent examples of the Kaizen principles and techniques showed that Kaizen is applicable to any industry, not only in car manufacturing where it mainly originated from.

These participants are all part of a team providing organisational improvement support to various teams within the Waikato District Health Board. Sarah Roberts, Michael Webb, Carol Serra, Laura Dick, Rob Blaikie, Ashleigh Phillips, Joanne Francis, and Lisa Inglis received their certificates with pride after approximately 12 month of training. Lyn Heikell was unfortunately not available when we did the certification but will be formally recognised in due course. Read more...

20 Sep. 2016

Kaizen Institute New Zealand (KINZ) ran their latest Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) public training course at the manufacturing premises of Spiraweld Stainless Limited in Auckland. KINZ has been supporting this forward-thinking Small Medium Enterprise with their Lean journey and at the beginning of this year, the call was made to apply TPM in their plant to improve the performance of their value-creating assets. They decided to open their facilities to allow external participants to experience the application of TPM.

Many of the attendees are on their Kaizen Practitioner certification pathway and found value in experiencing this proven methodology to improve reliability and stability in processes. It was interesting to observe how people from the service sector started to realise that the principles of TPM are also applicable to their own organisations.

A TPM workshop identifies the problems and losses related to the assets employed in creating value (products or services). Furthermore, it shows up the potential losses you might experience in the future. Improvement projects are identified at the end of the workshop that will ultimately lead to new standards to be followed. The TPM methodology also creates a framework of discipline to sustain the improvements initiated during and after the workshop. In other words, this KAIZEN™ project turns into daily KAIZEN™ habits.

We wish all participants well with applying their newly acquired KAIZEN™ skills in their pursuit of creating better customer value.

Should you require an analysis of your plant, equipment, and other assets, why don't you contact us?


Nova Caie started her Kaizen Practitioner certification pathway while still working in healthcare a few years ago.

She has since joined Well Networks in Hamilton and wanted to complete this globally-recognised certification. She submitted evidence of the work she has done within her organisation as part of the criteria of being listed as a Practicing Kaizen Practitioner.

Nova summarises her Kaizen journey as follows:

“I've found my Kaizen training to be really useful as both a Business Analyst and Project Manager. It lends itself to projects big and small, and the techniques are flexible enough to be able to pick and choose the approach and activities that best apply to each situation. I like the way it encourages inclusion of all affected parties, has quantitative tools for actual measurements and also qualitative ones for capturing those less measurable, but, equally important aspects, like people's perceptions and creative thinking.  Kaizen has been a revolutionary learning experience for me and I'm very pleased to have achieved practitioner status at long last!”
We want to congratulate Nova on her achievement and wish her well in applying the Kaizen approach in her daily work, in projects, and in the way she leads and supports people.

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