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We don't simply sell "Lean tools" training. We offer comprehensive consulting and coaching to support our clients to transform themselves to achieve a true and lasting KAIZEN Culture.

Our Auckland-based office was established in 1988 when KAIZEN Institute founder, Masaaki Imai, visited New Zealand with Toyota's Taiichi Ohno. Today we are part of a global team of 400+ professionals and more than 30 offices operating in over 40 countries.

New to the lean journey, excited by the possibilities but unsure where to start?

Already on your lean journey, at a performance plateau, facing new obstacles, or not sustaining your improvement gains?

Advanced on your lean journey?

Our decades of lean implementation experience equips us to challenge and support you to transform your organisation and your team to achieve daily KAIZEN - better every day, everywhere, by everyone.


The first step towards KAIZEN Leader certification

As announced at the end of 2015 we are introducing a brand new course on Lean leadership from 26-29 April 2016 in Auckland. This practical course is a key step to be certified as a KAIZEN Leader

The course has been designed and refined by very experienced Lean experts and we are offering it worldwide to several leading organisations. The course will certainly challenge participants to improve the way they lead people.

Mike Wroblewski, our lead Lean Leadership trainer from KAIZEN Institute USA, has 27 years of experience in global Lean transformations. As the co-author of the Shingo award-winning book, Creating a Kaizen Culture, Mike will be sharing his depth of knowledge in a memorable way.

This highly acclaimed four-day course is tailored for the New Zealand and Australian markets and based on successful Kaizen implementations worldwide.

One of the greatest opportunities to improve Lean implementations is around leadership development. Senior leaders, board members, managers, group leaders, team leaders, and business improvement specialists, will gain priceless Lean experience by encountering the difference between traditional management and Kaizen leadership.

Do not miss this unique Kaizen Leader course to be led by Mike Wroblewski, Danie and Peet. Please find the following participant feedback from previous courses we conducted together:

“The facilitators performed their roles very effectively – it gave the group a clear understanding of why traditional leaders are a thing of the past."

"The emotional journey makes me re-think my own approach to my own staff and how they perceive it."

"Lean experienced from a different perspective than what I’ve experienced before.”

Please contact Danie for enquiries or register on-line

A powerful and practical course to change organisational culture

This inaugural Kaizen Leader course will be led by Mike Wroblewski, award-winning co-author of the book Creating a Kaizen Culture, from 26-29 April 2016 in Auckland. Mike, Danie Vermeulen and Peet Wiid ran a similar two-week Leadership course at PACCAR in Melbourne earlier this year and will join forces once again.

The course will take participants on a real-time simulation of leadership paradigms. They will discover and practise how to become Kaizen leaders through structured instruction, interactive discussions, team assignments, role play and group activities.

This is some of the feedback we received after the Melbourne course:

“The trainers really know their business; would recommend to anyone”

“Role-play was very effective in helping me see the difference between traditional and Lean leadership.”

Kaizen Leader will add enormous value to senior leaders, managers, group leaders and team leaders. Please be in touch with Danie Vermeulen for any enquiries. We do have limited availability so contact us as soon as possible.


10 Dec. 2015

The Kaizen philosophy is fundamentally about "making better" and is usually associated with improving our organisations: the people, processes, products, services, equipment, systems, etc. 

However, Kaizen is ultimately about making this world we live in, a better place. An embedded value within Toyota Motor Corporation (where "Lean" has been developed) is that they should always create "value for the customer, society, and the economy" as Liker and Meier put it in their best-selling book The Toyota Way Fieldbook.

Making society better is so part and parcel (pardon the pun this time of the year) of kaizen that we, as a New Zealand team, are donating our time and money to a project whereby 750 Christmas boxes are being delivered to people in need in Auckland, Tauranga and Whangarei. This includes collaborating with the local Police in distributing Christmas boxes to Victim Support. This project by the Elim Christian Centre has been running successfully for the last 10 years and is impacting an increased number of people during the festive season.

We want to encourage you to make your own community a better place during this festive season. There are so many people in need of support, care and just a bit of happiness.

Let's be kaizen, also in our communities.



Certification after 12 months of hard work

The Kaizen journey at Keysight Technologies Malaysia commenced with a Kaizen overview at senior leadership level during the latter part of 2014. Subsequently a brief presentation of the Kaizen approach by Peet Wiid followed in front of a full auditorium in November of the same year. At the same event the General Manager in Malaysia, Shidah Ahmad, also inspired the staff with her support of this Continuous Improvement journey and committed her senior leaders, managers and teams to “inculcate the Lean way of life to enable Keysight’s growth and profitability.”

At the end of this initial phase of Kaizen training and implementation, 32 people were certified in October 2015. Their certification was based on in-depth, practical classroom training in the Kaizen fundamental principles and tools. It also included exposure to more advanced Lean techniques during the latter stages. All participants had to apply the Kaizen learning at the gemba and had to show real improvements made in various work areas. (Learning by doing is imperative to changing people’s thinking, feelings, attitudes and actions.) This implementation was closely monitored during monthly coaching visits by Peet with further support from internal Lean coaches. Read more...


Compass Health has been embracing the Kaizen approach for more than two years now. An unwaivering dedication from the senior leadership team is leading this Primary Health Organisation (PHO) to a an even higher level of excellence.

An important aspect of this Kaizen journey is for staff to be trained on how to make the workplace better to the benefit of the customer(s) with a strong focus on the patient experience. This in-house training has been strengthened by continuous Kaizen coaching by Danie Vermeulen in various work environments; from clinical to administrative. This hands-on approach ensures a deeper appreciation of the positive impact kaizen is having on everyone in the general practices but also on external parties.

The people that have been certified can truly say they are able to use the Lean tools in their daily work but just as important, they start to understand how to change the culture through applying the "respect-for-people" pillar of the Kaizen approach.

We want to congratulate everyone who were certified and look forward to the continuous betterment of Compass Health.


Core Beliefs within Kaizen Culture by Jo Henson

Jo Henson is a well-respected Kaizen Practitioner in the healthcare sector in New Zealand and is part of our team. She provided the following book review.

Lean is as much about theory and application (minds) as it is about hearts! When I was gifted a copy of the book “Creating a Kaizen Culture” (authors Miller, Wroblewski & Villafuerte) earlier this year, I immediately stumbled on the words that articulated the thoughts and feelings I have had for a number of years.

A large and deliberate portion of my work is ‘people’ focused and by this, I mean culture focused. In my experience, it is essential to bring good change management education to each piece of work, with the use of effective models, templates and frameworks. However, you will not get the transformational shift you desire unless you truly bring your heart to leading Lean (and this is what I mean by culture). This book explains this concept clearly, concisely and comprehensively.

Evangelical? Philosophical? I think it is. Lean is as much about theory, application, dedication and hard work, as it is about ‘integrity and respect’. The latter two are qualities that matter the most and are essential ingredients in implementing a Lean philosophy that will be sustainable. Read more...

A further three practitioners certified at this progressive DHB

We want to congratulate the following employees at Waikato DHB for attending our Kaizen Practitioner public training courses and subsequently showcasing their ability to apply the Kaizen approach. Your certification during December 2015 is well deserved and your work ethic and respect for people underlines why you have been recognised in this manner.

Gary Nelson, Justine Crittenden, and Sana Maqsood are now also listed as Practicing Kaizen Practitioners for the next 12 months.

More of these committted people from the DHB are to be certified during 2016. It has been a great pleasure working with the existing group of participants and we look forward to seeing further improvements at your gemba.


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