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We don't simply sell "Lean tools" training. We offer comprehensive consulting and coaching to support our clients to transform themselves to achieve a true and lasting KAIZEN Culture.

Our Auckland-based office was established in 1988 when KAIZEN Institute founder, Masaaki Imai, visited New Zealand with Toyota's Taiichi Ohno. Today we are part of a global team of 400+ professionals and more than 30 offices operating in over 40 countries.

New to the lean journey, excited by the possibilities but unsure where to start?

Already on your lean journey, at a performance plateau, facing new obstacles, or not sustaining your improvement gains?

Advanced on your lean journey?

Our decades of lean implementation experience equips us to challenge and support you to transform your organisation and your team to achieve daily KAIZEN - better every day, everywhere, by everyone.


Kaizen Assessment

Take advantage of this limited opportunity to get your finger on the pulse of your organisation through a free KAIZEN™ assessment and identify your performance gaps. As Mr. Masaaki Imai said: “Having no problem is the biggest problem.”

Checking is such an integral part of KAIZEN™. It is the third element of The Scientific Method that is often forgotten when making improvements. There is no point in making “improvements” if it isn’t verified as being “better” - it easily becomes fake Lean. The Deming cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) demands of an organisation to continuously check if it is improving or if entropy (gradual decline into disorder) is setting in.

To fix problems a team must be able to see and acknowledge it first. People often work around problems as these are so intrinsically part of their workspace. As problems are usually seen in a negative light, they are seldom identified as opportunities to work easier, better, faster, and more cost-effective.

A KAIZEN™ assessment is an objective way to determine how your processes and people are performing. It also identifies how strong continuous improvement is embedded in the organisational culture. It is a powerful tool to plan your way forward and align your improvement efforts with your strategic objectives.

As with all things KAIZEN™ the purpose of checking is never to identify people as culprits. It is about fixing the system and processes as Deming alluded to when he stated that 94% of problems in an organisation is related to the system and not the people working within that system.

We offer a limited free-of-charge KAIZEN™ full assessment by our seasoned consultants to help your team to identify the issues preventing you from excelling. Afterwards we will provide a short on-site feedback to the leadership team without any obligations or pressure (we respect your journey).

Please take the initiative to contact Danie Vermeulen to discuss a KAIZEN™ assessment: dvermeulen@kaizen.com or 0274 366 664.


Feedback from our customers indicate that they find it highly beneficial when we conduct KAIZEN™ training in-house instead of attending a public training course. This is what one of our recent participants had to say: “We all really enjoyed the training and have implemented changes already and are working on the other improvements [as planned during the training].”

Learning about the KAIZEN™ approach is an indispensable part of excelling as an organisation or as an individual. It is about understanding the underlying KAIZEN™ principles, values, beliefs, and behaviours and then learn about how the various techniques and tools can be utilised in your specific situation to achieve sustainable results.

The benefits of in-house KAIZEN™ training are:

  • Practical, hands-on learning instead of just theory.
  • Some of the real problems at the coalface of the organisation can be exposed.
  • Addressing these problems and issues.
  • Learn how to apply the KAIZEN™ approach to improve the real situation in your real workplace.
  • Improve team engagement as a number of people are already involved. It is so much easier to build momentum when more people are involved and aligned to the same objectives.
  • Improvements can be made during the training – it is not postponed until “you find the time.”
  • Our experienced trainers/ coaches can customise the training on-the-go to address specific issues as it surfaces during the sessions.

We are ready to discuss your Lean training needs when you are. Contact Peet Wiid at pwiid@kaizen.com or 021 897 832.

Read more about the on-site courses we offer...


Our 2017 annual Kaizen Institute conference took place in Amsterdam last week. It was a great opportunity for the Kaizen family representing more than sixty countries to get together to strategise, share and refresh our knowledge, as well as to recognise achievements. Kaizen Institute also welcomed a number of new operations in Serbia, Sudan, Ukraine, Russia, British Columbia, Georgia, Oman and Iran.

Peet Wiid was a guest presenter at the annual New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) conference in Blenheim during June 2017. He was invited back after he presented the previous year at their conference in Hamilton. NZVA requested the relevant topic of “A Lean Management System” to be addressed.

There was keen interest on how to apply the Kaizen principles and methodology to veterinary organisations. The importance of transparency and clarity about people and process lead to in-depth discussions during this full-day workshop. Attendees realised that continuous improvement is not first and foremost about reducing cost but that business excellence requires a holistic and practical approach. Cost saving is the outcome of improving processes and developing people; every day, everywhere by everybody.

We wish NZVA a bright future with their efforts to improve the veterinary sector.

This team from ASSA ABLOY in Auckland recently completed a practical on-site Value Stream Mapping training course.

It was more than just a theoretical classroom training session. We delivered the training in their own Gemba. The multi-functional team mapped one of their own value streams and we’ve identified real improvement opportunities for the team to implement following the training.

Several of the team members were already experienced in Value Stream Mapping. However, a hands-on training session in the gemba often helps to refresh and calibrate the VSM approach for a team.

PEX NZ 2017

Kaizen Institute New Zealand has been a media sponsor for the high-impact Process Excellence New Zealand 2017 conference that was held in Auckland from 21-22 March 2017. Peet Wiid from Kaizen Institute New Zealand acted as chairperson for the event which hosted exceptional thought-leaders and proponents of business excellence in New Zealand.

The theme of this year’s conference focused on the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and RPA (robotic process automation) on organisational excellence. We also explored the creation of a culture of Continuous Improvement (CI). Presenters from some of the most influential organisations in New Zealand shared their experience and insights which resulted in thought-provoking discussions.  

One of the panel discussions delved into the tricky topic of the impact of AI and RPA on people. Automation and digitising can be valuable from a customer and employee point of view if it is underpinned by the respect-for-people principle. The other panel discussion dealt with the role of senior leadership in creating a kaizen culture. It shone through that a kaizen culture must be intentional and leaders play a crucial role in determining its quality. To authentically live the values and principles of business excellence, visible to all, is foundational in CI-leadership.

The conference was not just another futile talkfest. Participants ended the two-day conference with time to reflect deeply upon their learning and its application in their own workplaces.

It was an uplifting experience sharing the conference room with so many humble, highly skilled, and inspiring people.

Peet Wiid attended the Kaizen Institute Consulting Group’s annual business meetings (ABM) in the historical Porto, Portugal, during November 2016. During this event our consultants once again aligned strategy, shared our successes, and problem-solved where we have identified challenges; we applied kaizen in Kaizen. Thanks to this improvement culture, our highly-respected brand has grown strongly over the past 30 years. Our authentic approach, based on the ground-breaking work of our founder, Masaaki Imai, is still continuously improving to enable us to create more value for our customers.  

Our ABM is an inspiring gathering where we also share and reflect on the latest developments in the Kaizen approach. It is an enriching experience to listen to the Kaizen journeys of some of our long-serving consultants, like Euclides Coimbra (in the photo with Peet) and Alberto 

The historical allure of Porto

Bastos from Portugal. This exposure to Continuous Improvement thought leaders, challenges one’s own thinking and practices. Numerous ideas on how to create a sustainable Kaizen culture of excellence has been shared. It leaves one with a richer experience of the beliefs, principles, values, and behaviours of the Toyota Production System. The respect for people amongst our colleagues, as well as humbleness, once again confirmed our shared Kaizen values. It has been uplifting and inspirational.

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group is growing and influencing organisations globally more than ever before. It is an honour to be part of a team continuously improving so many regions of the world; everybody, every day, everywhere.

Kaizen Institute New Zealand is proud to support the world's leading Process Excellence event, coming to New Zealand! 

The 2nd Annual Process Excellence NZ, held 20 - 22 March 2017 in Auckland, will focus on front-running industry themes:

*    Driving Cultural Change through a Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approach
*    Implementing Innovation &Technology into Process Excellence Capabilities
*    Achieving Centricity Across all Channels (Process, Customer, Technology)

 Learn about the latest developments in Agile, Lean Six Sigma, CI and more, from a stellar speaker faculty of 23+ process improvement experts including:

Kellie King, Head of Lean Transformation, Bupa Australia
Austin Laurenson, GM Business Improvement, Tegel Foods
Joanna Gilbert, GM Transformation and Integration, Fonterra
Elspet Garvey, Manager, Business Process Management, University of Auckland
AnnaLarras, Principal Advisor - Continuous Improvement, Inland Revenue
Hannah Rodgers, Business Improvement Manager, Spark NZ
Danella Dunning, IS Business Improvement Manager, New Zealand Transport Agency
Robert Old, Business Improvement Manager, IAG

Please join us by registering here for PEX NZ 2017.


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